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St. Louis Physical Therapy

Located just miles from St. Louis in Chesterfield on Clayton Road, Physical Therapy – St. Louis is your premier choice for physical therapy offering the tools and resources you need to recover properly, including but not limited to massage, heat treatment, and physical and weight training.

It’s our mission to provide hands-on, personalized physical therapy so you can return to full function quickly and safely.

Personalized, Hands-On Care for Better Results

Introducing the most effective physical therapy technology ever invented. The healing hands of your physical therapist.

No single piece of high-tech equipment yet invented can match the healing powers in a good physical therapist’s hands. People who successfully complete a physical therapy rehab program with a good PT know this. So do the people who’ve come to physical therapist Jim Anthony over the past 15 years.

Jim Anthony, founder of Midwest Physical Rehab, uses his talented hands to help people heal after a personal injury, work injury or sports injury. His experience with thousands of patients and hundreds of hours of additional training have made him even more effective than ever.

One visit and you’ll understand why people from all walks of life turn to Jim Anthony and Midwest Physical Rehab. His patients know he’s a hands-on physical therapist with a caring, compassionate nature and a ton of experience. And that’s why they often refer their families, friends and coworkers to him, too. But, if you really want to know what Jim Anthony and Midwest Physical Rehab can do for you and your loved ones, please read on…

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Helping Hands for Someone In Pain

It all starts with a FREE phone consultation with our physical therapist

Discussion Of Your Problem

The most important part of your initial consultation is ensuring that we have a comprehensive understanding of the issues that you are experiencing and the situations that may have lead to your current condition. We dive deep into the situation to develop the most detailed view of your problem.

Answers In Plain English

We understand that you are suffering and eager to return to your normal life and if this is a new situation for you, you may feel confused and overwhelmed. That is why we walk you through the answers that you are seeking by directly addressing your questions in a simple and easy to understand way.

Treatment Reccomendations

After ensuring that we have a detailed understanding of your pain points and have successfully answered your questions, we provide completely personalized treatment recommendations based on your specific case that will allow you the safest and quickest route to your recovery.

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